Organization anyone?

(Originally posted February 2008)

So I don’t really have the first clue if/how other people organize as they plan out their scrapping. Maybe most people don’t plan at all. LOL. I just thought I’d share my fun little system with all of you. Heck, if I help even one person out then I’ve done my job – right?

I print all of my layouts in 12×12 (chronological) shutterfly books. I LOVE them! Adore them. They are fantastic. I am able to fit about 6 months worth of layouts in each book (about 100 layouts).

Because the books are limited to 100 layouts, I have to plan for that. So here’s what I do.

Step 1: in photoshop, create a new document, 2 inches wide and 50 inches long (ie: 100 layouts).

Step 2: start looking in your photo files. For example, the last book I did was July-Dec. of 2006 so I started with pics from July 1, 2006. As you look through each folder, decide if you will be doing a layout with those pictures, and how many pages the layout will be. On your blank document in PS, type out the date and subject matter in a little one inch area. I’ll post a screen shot below to show you what I mean… Continue on with this until you’ve gone through all of the pictures you are planning on using for that book.

Step 3: Scrap! And as you finish a layout, shrink it down to 300×300 pixels, drag it over to your document and position it over the text where it belongs. Before you know it, it will be covered with layouts and you’ll be able to print a book!

Step 4: When you’re ready to print your book, just print out this strip on your printer and use it to arrange everything in the right order at It’ll save you so much time and prevent a lot of headaches!!

Screen Shots:

Here’s a close up!

And here’s the WHOLE book in one long strip!

Another closeup of the completed version.

Sometimes while I’m scrapping I find that I might need to rearrange things a bit – all I do is use the rectangular marquee tool to move the text where I want it to go.

So hopefully this helps those of you who have been trying to figure out how to scrap chronologically!

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  1. Karah – I love this idea! I’ve been fumbling around a bit, and instead of a chronological album, I just printed the pages I did in 2009 in a book (no matter what year they were about) and then the 2010 pages in another book. I like your approach much better. I can start that for 2011 and have one “strip” set aside for back-scrapping (because I have a lot to do), and have everything from here on in chronological. Thank you for sharing!

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