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Last year, all four of my kids wanted store-bought valentines which was a huge bummer!  I’ve always made theirs and it made me sad to think that they are all growing up so much that they didn’t want me to make them anymore.

My oldest son is now in 6th grade, so he’s just WAY too cool for home-made cards.  This year he picked out some sports-related things from Target.  Yawn.

Imagine my excitement when my daughter told me that this year she wanted valentines with 1) a picture of her and 2) a picture of a horse.  I was all over that!  I just made a little fold-over card that I could staple onto a baggie of candy.  She loved it!

(credits: Piece of My Heart by me, Lil’ Cowpoke by me, Lonestar by Jacque Larsen)

Then I asked my other two boys what they wanted to do and once again I was surprised to hear them say that they wanted me to make theirs too!  I took them window shopping over at The Lily Pad and they both went NUTS when they saw Jacque’s Build a Bird set.  They didn’t even want to keep looking at what else there might be – that was it.  I had them each design their own card … they told me what pieces to use and where to put them.  And they turned out SO cute!

(credits: Build a Bird by Jacque Larsen, grass hill also by Jacque, from a retired kit)

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!